NSW Southern Region
Connecting Australia's NSW Southern Region / ANKC White Swiss Shepherd Community

White Swiss Shepherd Dog Club of NSW Inc.

 connecting Australia’s NSW/ANKC White Swiss Shepherd community


Connecting Australia’s ANKC White Swiss Shepherd community

We Act:       
»  with integrity at all times as members of the NSWSRWSSDC. We have our Code of Ethics, which ALL our members MUST abide by and our members must also abide by Dogs ACT & Dogs NSW & ANKC mission statements, rules and regulations.

 »  ensure the best interests of the ANKC White Swiss Shepherd dogs are at the forefront of everything we do, 
 »  provide ongoing education to the public, breeders, judges and owners of ANKC White Swiss Shepherd dogs in NSW.

We are:
»  committed to educating new owners and breeders alike, and take breeding good quality White Swiss Shepherd dogs seriously. We expect all members to breed for soundness of mind and body with excellent temperaments to give our breed a sustainable future in Australia.

Who Are We?

We feel the White Swiss Shepherd should have a reliable representation within the purebred community.

We are a group of avid enthusiasts, who want to bring people together with a common interest, to share knowledge and have an understanding of a wonderful breed of working dog.

We welcome newcomers into our breed club, and intend to enjoy good company, learn from each other and keep an open mind to the ideas of others.

We are here to help guide any potential owners/breeders into our fold.

Our aim is education and to protect the breed through ethical breeding of correct type and structure, health and the responsible selling of puppies.

Our website features:

» breed information,
» history of the White Swiss Shepherd breed
» a Code of Ethics we all follow,
» minimum health requirements,
» examples of correct type and structure,
» responsible breeding and puppy selling practices,
» important updates about the breed standard and health requirements, 
» news - important updates regarding website
» stud dogs - current dogs in Australia - this is a FREE service for ANY owner in Australia
» workshop announcements -  show handling, obedience, tracking, agility, rally o, breeding and much more,
» breeders directory in NSW - Interstate, this is a FREE service for ANY owner in Australia,
» past events & updates - members news, breed stalls from around the country.

Our Foundations

The NSW Southern Region White Swiss Shepherd Dog Club was formed in September 2018 as a social club, by a variety of people who are interested in the future of the White Swiss Shepherd in Australia.

About the Club

Once you are a member, you are the public face of the NSWSRWSSDC therefore represent our public image.

We do not tell people how to breed their dogs. We give our members credit for knowing how to achieve their vision, but we are here to offer suggestions or assistance if anyone needs advice.

The White Swiss Shepherd dog is a traditional worker and excels in dog sports such as agility, tracking and obedience.
These dogs also work in search and rescue, pets for therapy, and make great companion dogs for active people and families.

We expect breeders to aim to improve their lines each time they breed. The commitment and expense of breeding deserves to bring a positive outcome. We are here to assist breeders and puppy buyers to achieve.

All of our members receive our news letter 'Chatter Box'

The NSWSRWSSDC endorses responsible breeding practices

Mandatory testing for our ANKC registered White Swiss Shepherds in Australia
#: Breeding Rules and Regulations.
    Mandatory testing on ALL potenial matings, including ALL puppies born from 1/1/2013

»   DNA Profile

»   HD/ED  (Hip & Elbow Scored)
»   MDR1   (Multi Drug Resistance Gene)
»   DM   (Degenerative Myelopathy)
»   vWD1  (von Willebrands Disease Type 1)

Our breeders can & will show any potential puppy owners original paperwork on request.