NSW Southern Region
Connecting Australia's NSW Southern Region / ANKC White Swiss Shepherd Community

White Swiss Shepherd Dog Club of NSW Inc.

 connecting Australia’s NSW/ANKC White Swiss Shepherd community

NSW Southern Region White Swiss Shepherd Dog Club

We welcome you to the OFFICIAL website for this new breed club & yes we are catering for the people
who own / breed / compete around the ACT area as well as the NSW Southern Region. 

Who are we?  ... What do we want to achieve with 'The Club'? ...

We a group of passionate people who have started this club solely as a social club & everything White Swiss & to cater for owners/breeders the Southern Region of NSW. 

We feel the White Swiss Shepherd should have a reliable representation within the purebred community.

Here is all the information you need about the ANKC registered White Swiss Shepherd in Australia.

Take some time to read our Mission Statement  and  Code of Ethics to see our vision for the White Swiss Shepherd in the Australian purebred community.

* Breed History * Mission Statement * Breed Information * Breeders * Membership * Code OF Ethics * Links and much more ...

The White Swiss Shepherd has a healthy future in Australia; with a hardworking group of passionate people dedicated to the breed and its future.

We set our standards high for ourselves and our members, to ensure our dogs get the best possible start in their new country.

As a fledgling club, we aim to be here for the long haul to educate, promote, learn, teach and share with old, new potential owners and the public the Australian breed - the White Swiss Shepherd dog.

Many local and worldwide purebred dog organisations have given their support, and we thank them for their help and ongoing support.